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Benefits of Dental Implants
Redmond, OR

Diagram of a tooth replaced with a dental implant from Caldera Dental Group in Redmond, ORDental implants are innovative replacement tooth appliances that recreate the whole structure of teeth. With an implant, your dentist will place a titanium root in your jawbone that will support a dental bridge, denture, or crown. An implant acts, feels, and looks like an authentic tooth and it can serve you for a lifetime.

If you are missing teeth or if some of your teeth are decayed or broken beyond repair, implants can be an excellent solution for you. Besides, if you would rather not have dentures or a dental bridge, implant technology may be ideal for you. At Caldera Dental Group, we will help restore your lost or damaged teeth.

Prevent Further Loss of Teeth

A tooth is held in place by its root as well as by the surrounding teeth. Therefore, the teeth surrounding a tooth you’ve lost can start to shift to the open space left and consequently become loose. Thus, if you lose a tooth and you want to ensure more of your other teeth do not fall out, you should consider getting a dental implant.

Prevent Bone Loss

Bone loss results from the lack of tooth roots that stimulate the jawbone. Thus, if you lose a tooth, the space left will deteriorate because of a lack of stimulation. The bone area can lose 25 percent of its volume in the first year if you don’t get an implant placed to replace the lost teeth.

Besides, dentures can exacerbate bone loss. Once they loosen they can start grinding the bone and consequently wear it out. Implants replace the root of the teeth and thus provide the stimulation necessary for bone growth.

Improved Oral Health

Unlike a tooth-supported bridge which requires the reduction of your other teeth, implants don’t require any alteration to surrounding teeth. Therefore, if you opt for an implant, all of your teeth will be left intact and this can improve your long-term oral health.

Prevent Facial Sagging

The bone loss that results from lack of stimulation to the jaw leads to facial sagging. This means your face starts to gradually collapse which leads to changes such as developing wrinkles around your mouth, a pointed chin, and thinning lips. Ultimately, this leads to premature aging.

Improve Nutrition

After tooth extraction, you may have to avoid certain foods because they are hard to chew. Dental implants restore normal chewing and thus enable you to eat all kinds of food without pain and with confidence.

Get a Predictable Outcome

The success rate of dental implants depends on where they are placed in your mouth. Besides, factors like smoking can impact the success rate of an implant. However, the overall success of dental implants is about 98 percent. This predictable outcome means implants can suit most people.

Talk and Smile with Confidence

Having missing teeth or wearing dentures can affect your confidence and your willingness to smile. Besides, you may worry about your dentures moving as you talk or laugh. Conversely, implants are firmly anchored to your jawbone and thus you will not have to worry about them moving as you speak. Advances in bone reconstruction and diagnostics now enable most patients to receive implants, even those that weren't previously considered implant candidates because of certain habits or health conditions. Call Caldera Dental Group at (541) 604-2900 today for dental implants that will enable you to talk, smile, and eat with complete confidence.

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Benefits of Dental Implants Redmond OR | Caldera Dental
Dental implants are innovative replacement tooth appliances that recreate the whole structure of teeth. There are many benefits to choosing them! Call today!
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