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Cosmetic Dentistry
Redmond, OR

Beautiful woman smilingWhen your goal is to have a gorgeous, confident smile, sometimes you need a little help getting there. Here at Caldera Dental Group, we offer a wide array of cosmetic procedures that can help improve your smile and give you the confidence to show it off to the world. From minor imperfections to discoloration to filling in gaps, cosmetic dentistry can give you the smile you have always dreamed of. We offer simple fixes that provide you with dramatic results. Contact us today, and see what options are going to best suit your mouth.

Dental Veneers

Do your front teeth often get hidden instead of being shown off? Perhaps they have chips or stains, maybe a gap between them? If that is the case, dental veneers may be the right answer for you. They can give you a larger or smaller smile, depending on what you need, plus they can cover gaps and give your teeth a straighter appearance.

Dental veneers are a sheet of incredibly thin porcelain that Dr. Primley bonds to your teeth. Veneers are incredibly durable, and should last you anywhere from 5-15 years with proper care and safe activity. They are designed to fit your specific teeth, allowing you to create the look you want with the design. We will help you during the entire process, and create the veneers you want to give you the perfect smile. They are the perfect solution for small gaps, chipped teeth, cracks, and other minor imperfections that keep your smile hidden.

Dental Bonding

Dental bonding is a procedure where a tooth-colored composite material is applied to the tooth in an effort to shape it and disguise it as a natural tooth. In order to make the tooth look more natural it will be shaped and polished. On occasion, dental bonding may be used to correct a tooth or teeth that have been stained or otherwise damaged. Dental bonding is generally used for minor repairs.

Teeth Whitening

We use our teeth for every meal and drink we ever have. This exposes our teeth to stains, and causes discoloration over time. Sometimes your teeth can wind up stained from medications, while other times they become discolored because of the foods and beverages we consume, or the activities we partake in. If you are struggling with a stained smile, tooth whitening can be the perfect solution.

In order to remove those stains, you need to know how deep the stains run. If your staining is only superficial, then we can typically remove them with a peroxide-based option that is non-invasive, and totally controlled by Dr. Primley, to help keep your teeth safe. These types of tooth whitening systems are much less likely to have any type of negative side-effects because the dentist is in control of all of the chemicals at any given time. You can be sure of better results than anything you can buy at the drug store, as the process lightens the natural color of your enamel. This will naturally enhance your smile in very little time.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are quickly growing on the list of cosmetic procedures for the fact that they can enhance your smile's natural beauty very quickly. When your smile struggles due to a missing tooth, the fastest and best method of repairing that imperfection is to get a dental implant. It allows you to show off a natural-looking smile, plus it keeps your mouth healthy. To find out if this would be a good cosmetic procedure for you to get, come in and see us today!

Crown Lengthening

Crown lengthening is a surgical procedure that is performed for both restorative and cosmetic reasons. During the procedure, Dr. Primley removes a portion of gum tissue, bone, or both to expose more of the tooth.

Clear Aligners

Crooked teeth not only affect the aesthetics of your smile, but they can also be detrimental to your oral health. For instance, crowded teeth can be much more difficult to properly clean, leaving you at a greater risk for developing tooth decay and periodontal (gum) disease.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Procedures can range from being incredibly simple to being overly complex when it comes to cosmetic dentistry. What we have come to find out and share with our patients is that most of the procedures that cause the largest impact, actually stem from some of the simplest changes. If you want to feel more confident and enjoy your smile more, then give us a call. We have the ability to boost your confidence in very little time. Contact us here at (541) 604-2900 today!

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From minor imperfections to discoloration to filling in gaps, we offer many services in cosmetic dentistry that can give you the smile you've always dreamed of!
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