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Dental Bridge
Redmond, OR

Close up of pearly white teeth and healthy, pink gums being inspected by a dental pickAt Caldera Dental Group, we can restore your smile and function using a dental bridge. Working as a non-removable dental appliance, dental bridges are used to restore a single or multiple missing teeth. Bridges provide a flawless false tooth, giving you the look you want while restoring your chewing ability, retaining your bite, and stopping potential teeth shifting. Let us show you how Dr. Primley can make you smile with a permanent dental bridge.

Do I need a dental bridge?

A dental bridge is just one way to restore a missing tooth, it is durable both in strength and longevity and more economical than a dental implant. There are many reasons why Dr. Primley would recommend a bridge as one of your options to replace a missing tooth. Some reasons for a bridge include:
•  It is best to fill the gap of a single or multiple missing tooth, empty gaps allow space for shifting, which can affect your bite and alignment.
•  It can help you maintain your facial shape.
•  To restore your ability to chew, we do not want you to chew "on the other side" or without adjusting your chew, which can cause joint pain.
•  To restore your natural speaking voice, gaps can impair or cause a person to adjust their speaking style.
•  To restore your smile to its full beauty.
•  As an upgrade from a removable partial denture, to a more permanent fixture.

How Does a Dental Bridge Work?

The term, bridge, helps identify a dental bridge's function. This device uses two healthy teeth or implant posts to serve as anchors and creates a bridge between them of a false tooth or multiple teeth.

The traditional bridge is made from porcelain that has been fused to metal, making it a strong, durable piece that can withstand a lot of chewing pressure. As in all areas of dentistry, dental bridges are advancing, so be sure to ask Dr. Primley what the best type of dental bridge is best for you and your situation.

Your bridge should last you many years if taken care of properly. Occasionally they may need to be re-cemented, Dr. Primley will check the hold of your bridge during your regular semiannual dental exam.

What is the Process to Receive a Dental Bridge?

Preparing Teeth
The placement of a dental bridge will require at least two office visits, not including any additional restoration work that is needed. The process begins with Dr. Primley preparing the two teeth that will serve as the anchors for your new appliance. These two healthy teeth will need to be reduced in size and shaped to receive dental crowns. This process does permanently alter the two healthy teeth.

Implant Posts
In some cases, the anchors will not be teeth, but will be Dental Implants, if you are using implant posts, no prep is needed beyond placement of the posts.

With the anchors prepared, Dr. Primley will create an impression or mold of the area, which will be sent to the dental laboratory for the fabrication of your new bridge. He will place a temporary bridge for your use in the interim. The fabrication will take approximately two weeks before completion.

Placement of your bridge
Once your new customized dental bridge is ready, we will schedule an appointment for placement. During your fitting, Dr. Primley will check the fit of your new dental bridge, make any adjustments, and then cement or bond your new dental bridge into place.

Our staff is here to answer your questions about dental bridges or other restorative options. Contact Dr. Primley at our Redmond, OR 97756 office at (541) 604-2900.

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