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Dental Implants: The Procedure
Redmond, OR

Woman smiling while oral surgeon talks about dental implant procedure from Caldera Dental Group in Redmond, ORA dental implant is a permanent prosthesis that is surgically inserted into the jawbone and given a few months to integrate with the bone. The root of a lost tooth is replaced by a dental implant.

At Caldera Dental Group, Dr. Primley recommends this as a good option for almost everyone who is missing one tooth, several teeth, or all of their teeth.

What Is The Procedure for Dental Implants?

The first step is evaluation. Your gums, teeth, and jawbone will be checked out by our dentist to see whether your jawbone is healthy enough to maintain dental implants. The procedure will not be suitable if the jawbone is too soft or thin. Your gums shouldn’t have periodontal disease.

Before getting dental implants, you need to be careful about your diet since you cannot eat hard foods like candies or chips. Semi-liquid or liquid diets work better. Dr. Primley can provide you guidelines for a good diet.

We will be able to create customized dental implants for your crown that matches the size, shape, and color of your teeth. It’s a simple procedure after which you can go home. Our dentists recommend arranging for someone to drive you home after the procedure since you might be uncomfortable and drowsy since IV sedation, local anesthesia, or general anesthesia is used.

For endosteal implants, the dental surgeon cuts the gum to expose the jawbone. The holes are drilled into the bone where the post of the implant is inserted. If you get a subperiosteal implant, the jawbone doesn’t need to be drilled since the dental implant can be placed above or on the bone.

After the procedure, make sure to get extra rest since it can improve the healing procedure. You might feel swelling or discomfort afterward, which might last for a few days. But you will be able to resume activities after the implant procedure. It can take two to six months for the new bone to grow around the implant, which is called osseointegration. The jawbone can strengthen the implant so that it holds firmly in its place, functioning as an artificial tooth root.

The abutment is added to implants, which is done during the first procedure or with a second small procedure with a local anesthetic. Surgeons might need to make a small incision on gum tissues if it has grown over the dental implants. When the implant is placed, a healing cap is inserted to protect the implant. In the second procedure, the cap is removed, and the abutment is screwed over the implant. This helps the gum tissue grow around the abutment.

When the tooth is fully healed, the dentist makes an impression of the tooth. If you have opted for removable teeth, it is put on the metal frame and then attached to an abutment. It can be removed to clean properly. Your teeth will end up looking natural and function as your own tooth. Make sure to floss and brush them properly.

Dental Implant FAQs

Does Insurance Cover The Cost Of Implants and How Much Do They Cost?

Generally, the price of a dental implant to replace a single tooth is about equal to that of a traditional fixed bridge. Depending on the circumstances, various insurance plans may cover dental implant therapy. The price will change according to the patient's requirements, the size of the bone, and the location. A prosthodontist will evaluate your situation depending on your particular requirements.

What Percentage of Dental Implants Are Successful?

It varies from person to person, depending on health and behaviors. Dental implants are expected to be successful for a healthy person with excellent oral hygiene and good health, with reported success rates of 90–95 percent.

How Long Do Dental Implants Last?

Dental implants aren't vulnerable to decay as natural teeth are, yet gum health is essential to sustaining long-term implant success. Dental implants must be maintained with diligent patient home care and frequent professional cleanings and examinations. Since every patient is unique, success depends on a range of variables, including diagnosis, planning, medical history, and others.

To schedule an appointment at Caldera Dental Group for your dental implant procedure, call us at (541) 604-2900 today.

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At Caldera Dental Group, Dr. Primley recommends the implant procedure for almost everyone with a missing tooth, several teeth, or all of their teeth. Call today!
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