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Young girl brushing her teethYou brush and floss your teeth every day. You have your mouth cleaned and examined twice a year. These habits are essential to maintaining your oral health and preventing serious issues from occurring. Moreover, they are just as important to you as they are for your child. At Caldera Dental Group, we can provide the professional care your child needs to maintain the health of their developing mouth.

Regular Cleanings and Exams

Brushing and flossing alone are not enough to protect the oral health of your child. Children often have a harder time thoroughly cleaning their mouths, or their oral care habits may not yet be what they should. Professional cleanings and exams at least twice a year are necessary to provide optimal protection, as well as spot, and treat, issues in their earliest stages before they become severe. Cleanings are straightforward procedures.

We begin by thoroughly scraping the teeth, removing all plaque, tartar, bacteria and other debris. We clean all areas of the teeth, including the ones that may go missing or may be inaccessible to your child. After the teeth are scraped clean, they are polished. Polishing the teeth gives them a smooth, healthy shine. Finally, the teeth are flossed.

After the teeth have been cleaned, we perform an examination. We check the condition of the teeth and gums, searching for signs of decay, damage, and infection among other issues. The bite is assessed for alignment issues. Once the exam is complete, we discuss with your child, and you, if your child is very young. We may ask questions about their oral care practices at home and provide tips to improve their routine. If you or your child have any questions or concerns, we can address those as well.

Additional Preventative Measures

While a good oral care routine is important, there are additional preventative measures that can be taken to further protect the oral health of your child. These measures include dental sealants and fluoride treatment. Sealants are a treatment applied to the chewing surfaces of your molars, which are designed to cover over the deep crevices of these teeth. This prevents the buildup of food particles and bacteria in an area of the teeth that is often difficult to clean, aiding in further protection from tooth decay and cavities. Treatments are quick, simple, and completely painless.

Another additional treatment is fluoride. Fluoride is a naturally occurring element in the teeth that help to protect the enamel from the acids produced by plaque and oral bacteria. It is also important for protecting the developing adult teeth. Every day, fluoride is leeched from the teeth, but it is also replaced. Fluoride can be found in things such as fluoridated toothpaste, treated tap water and even in trace amounts in certain foods. Most children do not get adequate fluoride, leaving them at risk for tooth decay. Fluoride treatments are a quick, simple treatment that involves applying a fluoride gel to the surfaces of the teeth. The fluoride then absorbs into the enamel, remineralizing them and providing them with additional protection.

Dental X-Rays

Dental X-rays are an integral part of providing optimal oral health care. They allow us the ability to see the structures of the mouth that are otherwise hidden from view, such as the roots of the teeth, developing adult teeth, and the jawbone. We can use these images to monitor the development of the mouth and assess the need for orthodontic treatment. Many parents express concerns over X-rays, due to radiation exposure. In our office, we utilize digital X-ray technology, which reduces exposure up to 95%.

Just like you, a regular oral hygiene routine is essential for the oral health of your child. If you have any questions or concerns or are ready to schedule an appointment for your child, call Caldera Dental Group today at (541) 604-2900.

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