Redmond Dental Implants

A lasting solution for missing teeth

Creating smiles. Building stories

Every smile tells a story. If you’ve been searching for a way to rewrite yours, our dental implants in Redmond will not only replace your missing teeth but also restore your confidence.

At Caldera Dental Group, our dental implants are designed to provide you with a seamless, permanent, and natural-looking solution to regain your smile and oral functionality. We’ll guide you through the process and help you welcome a brand-new smile that radiates beauty and self-assurance. Your smile’s next chapter starts right here with us.

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Dr. Christopher Primley

Owner, Redmond dental implants dentist

“Our greatest joy is witnessing the transformative power of dental implants on our patients’ lives. With each smile we help restore, we see a newfound happiness. Dental implants go beyond simply replacing missing teeth — they are the key to unlocking self-confidence.”

ReDmond dental implants at Caldera Dental Group

We’ll review your dental and medical history, as well as examine your teeth and gums.

We’ll evaluate jawbone condition with X-rays and CT scans and discuss recommended implants and procedures.

On the day of the surgery, the dental implants will be placed into the jawbone.

After the gum tissue has healed, the final dental crowns or bridges will be attached to the implants.

We’ll schedule follow-up appointments to ensure you enjoy a natural-looking and functional smile for a long time.

Getting started is easy

No referrals are necessary! All first appointments start with a 90-minute exam with Dr. Primley or Dr. Clark. During this appointment, we will…


Conduct a comprehensive and thorough examination


Review your medical history


Take all necessary x-rays and intraoral photos of your smile


Perform a full evaluation of your gum and bone health 


Take a 3D scan of your teeth


Review all imaging and findings with you


Provide answers to all of your questions


Develop a treatment plan that meets your goals 

Transparent Diagnosis

We believe that the best dentistry treats the root cause of whatever dental problem you face. Using our modern diagnostic tools, we’ll clearly explain the cause of your oral health issues and how our treatment recommendations will help you.

Modern Treatments

We offer the latest treatments in-office. Dr. Primley is a premier cosmetic dentist who can help you select the right treatment and administer care masterfully.

Personalized Experience

We’ll take the time to get to know you and the complete picture of your oral and physical health prior to making any treatment recommendations.

Attentive Communication

Dr. Primley and our entire staff are here for you. We’ll listen, answer your questions, and be available to help whenever you need us. 

Improve your smile, your life, and your confidence

Lovely people. I felt very well taken care of. The hygienist worked with me to reduce the number of cleanings I needed per year by helping me improve my daily cleaning routine.

- Claudia R.

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